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Whatever Happened to the Wuzzlegumps?

Northern Ireland Screen - Creative Animation Scheme

They were the biggest stars in preschool television. The Wuzzlegumps had it all - Dolls! Tours! Spaghetti Shapes! Then one fateful day, it all disappeared. Five years after their show's cancellation, the group's star, AJ, returns from exile with one goal in mind - get her show back. It'll be tough - she was the one responsible for the show's cancellation after all - but AJ didn't get to where she is by being a quitter. The plan: get her friends back together to be in her buzz-creating documentary and answer the question that's been on everyone's mind - Whatever happened to the Wuzzlegumps?


ALT Animation is developing this comedy for adults along with writer and creator Matthew Bradley. A ten-minute short film (available on request), featuring the voice talents of Emmy Blotnick, Joel Kim Booster & Guy Branum was produced as part of Northern Ireland Screen’s Creative Animation scheme, with a series bible produced afterwards as we progress with development into a series.

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