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ALT Animation was founded in 2016 by Animation Producers, Tim Bryans and Andrea McQuade and Creative Director Lee McQuade. Together we have over 50 years of experience in the creative industries during which we've produced dozens of hours of animated content and secured production finance of over £10 million from sources all around the world. Joining us is Development Producer Matthew Bradley, who has an impressive track record of successful pitches with his own IP as well as working with others to further develop content. 

Our animation studio is focused on delivering high-quality animated content for a global audience, using efficient animation production pipelines that will maximize the amount of money that ends up on the screen.

Aiming to create a fun, ego-free and caring environment in which to provide the structured delivery of original innovative content that exceeds expectations. Making animation & motion graphics for film, tv and digital with a focus on character building and storytelling.

We've produced work with CBBC, RTE Jr, Milkshake! & DeAgostini and previous clients have included Coca-Cola, MARS, Kia, BBC Bitesize & Tayto. 

Mimi's World
Sullivan Sails - Northern Lights
I Wanna Be A Werewolf
Mimi's World
Mimi's World
Mimi's World
Whatever Happened to the Wuzzlegumps
The Wishgiver
Better Weather
Wow Cow
Keeping Up With The Calculations
At Home With Colin Murray
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