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What we're making next

Lugi - The Brodgar Boy

Family Feature Film

A feature-length animation set in Neolithic Orkney that follows the adventures of a young boy and his quest to save his civilisation from a cataclysmic disaster. Set in a land steeped in tradition and mysticism, the animated adventure aims to shed light on archaeological mysteries that have been unsolved for 5,000 years and will try and answer the question that has puzzled historians for years - why did this advanced civilisation with their impressive stone edifices, which pre-dated Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt, suddenly just disappear from existence.   


The project is the creation of Writer/Illustrator and native Orcadian Alex Leonard, and we are delighted to have secured development funding from Creative Europe in May 2020.


The Hearios

26 x 7 mins for 2 - 4 year olds

The Hearios is an animated series aimed at a pre-school audience featuring a family of musical moles who are discovering the joy that can be unlocked through the art of active listening. The series, featuring a mixture of stop motion animation and live action, follows the adventures of the Hearios, who live deep underground in a quiet world where listening is not just a skill it is a way of life.


Based upon an idea by children's author Ann Bryant, who has been working with the team at ALT Animation to develop it into an animated series, The Hearios was showcased at Cartoon Forum in 2019 and has been developed with financial assistance from Northern Ireland Screen and BFI's The Young Audiences Content Fund. With a number of scripts already completed we also have an animatic for a pilot episode available upon request in both English and Scots Gaelic.

The Polka Dot Hotel

52 x 11 mins for 4 - 6 year olds

‘The Polka Dot Hotel’ is a preschool comedy set in a grand

hotel. During each episode, a new guest arrives at The Polka Dot Hotel and causes a commotion that can only be solved by our hero, Bobbi and her best friend, Sam.


Bobbi and Sam are aided in their efforts by the hotel’s

colourful staff. From fussy hotel manager Mr Reynolds to the

unflappable chef Cherry-On-Top, the series features an

engaging cast of diverse characters and a literal

revolving-door of hilarious guests. ‘The Polka Dot Hotel’ will

invite its audience to delight in a world with bright, imaginative visuals and full of familiar personalities. At its heart, ‘The Polka Dot Hotel’ is a series about appreciating those around you.


Whether it be family, friends or people in the local

community, we want it to be a series that preaches the

importance of helping people and treating others

with respect.


Wow Cow

52 x 11 mins for 7 - 11 year olds

Wow Cow is the host of the most a-moo-zing talk show on TV!  The 2D animated series will follow the exploits of Wow Cow on her talk show where she interviews anyone and everything, from a volcano or a washing machine to a snail or a sky scraper. The guest list is endless! Through her boundless enthusiasm and curiosity, Wow Cow is able to get her guests to reveal the extraordinary things about themselves that make them special. She will then throw herself into all kinds of unlikely feats as she tries to emulate her guests so that she can prove just how AMAZING they are (often with disastrous consequences for the cast and crew of her show!) Wow Cow is a funny and fact-filled extravaganza which will inspire its young audience to find the Wow in everything!  


Featured at Cartoon Forum in Sept 2018, the series has been developed with assistance from Northern Ireland Screen and is a co-development with the award winning producer Avalon Television.

Bibi, Bones and Blooper

52 x 11 mins for 4 - 6 year olds

Wherever we’re from, we all get along!


Bibi the cat and her two doggy housemates, Blooper and Bones rub along well together. But when Jonas Abel, their human, takes a job at Paws ‘n Claws Animal Rescue and brings home a stream of displaced creatures in need of love, the oddball threesome must draw on all their resources to help their unexpected guests to settle. This fast-paced comedy adventure series tells the stories of how Bibi, Bones and Blooper have a whole lot of fun trying to include their random lodgers in whatever outlandish adventures they’ve cooked up for the day. It embraces a broad, inclusive outlook, in-keeping with the big challenges of today’s world and demonstrates that, if differences are celebrated, then life experience is enhanced rather than diminished.


The project has been co-developed with the award-winning team at Adastra Development with the assistance of Northern Ireland Screen.

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