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Wow Cow

Wow Cow is the host of the most a-moo-zing talk show on TV!


The 2D animated series will follow the exploits of Wow Cow on her talk show where she interviews anyone and everything, from a volcano or a washing machine to a snail or a sky scraper. The guest list is endless! Through her boundless enthusiasm and curiosity, Wow Cow is able to get her guests to reveal the extraordinary things about themselves that make them special. She will then throw herself into all kinds of unlikely feats as she tries to emulate her guests so that she can prove just how AMAZING they are (often with disastrous consequences for the cast and crew of her show!)

Wow Cow is a funny and fact-filled extravaganza which will inspire its young audience to find the Wow in everything!

The series is a co-development with the award winning producer Avalon Television.

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