Wow Cow

Wow Cow is the host of the most a-moo-zing talk show on TV!


The 2D animated series will follow the exploits of Wow Cow on her talk show where she interviews anyone and everything, from a volcano or a washing machine to a snail or a sky scraper. The guest list is endless! Through her boundless enthusiasm and curiosity, Wow Cow is able to get her guests to reveal the extraordinary things about themselves that make them special. She will then throw herself into all kinds of unlikely feats as she tries to emulate her guests so that she can prove just how AMAZING they are (often with disastrous consequences for the cast and crew of her show!)

Wow Cow is a funny and fact-filled extravaganza which will inspire its young audience to find the Wow in everything!

The series is a co-development with the award winning producer Avalon Television.

Click here to view the trailer.

Format: 52 x 7 mins

Audience: 5 - 7

The Hearios

Are you ready to listen? Then Here We Go! The sound underground is the Hearios!

The Hearios is an animated series aimed at a pre-school audience featuring a family of musical moles who are discovering the joy that can be unlocked through the art of active listening. The series, featuring a mixture of stop motion animation and live action, follows the adventures of the Hearios, who live deep underground in a quiet world where listening is not just a skill it is a way of life.

Format: 52 x 7 mins

Audience: 2 - 4


A feature length animation set in Neolithic Orkney that follows the adventures of a young boy and his quest to save his civilisation from a cataclysmic disaster. Set in a land steeped in tradition and mysticism, the animated adventure aims to shed light on archeological mysteries that have been unsolved for 5,000 years and will try and answer the question that has puzzled historians for years - why did this advanced civilisation with their impressive stone edifices, which pre-dated Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt, suddenly just disappear from existence. 


Format: Feature length

Audience: Family Audience

Hazards Of Mars

An anarchic 2D animated adventure series for an audience of 7-14 year-olds following the exploits of the Hazard family who leave their life on Earth behind to live on Mars which has become the go-to commuter town for all of the galaxy’s weird and wonderful creatures. 


The Hazards are the only human residents on Mars and soon find out that life on the Red Planet is not what they thought it would be. By Mars standards it is the Hazards who are weird but not quite so wonderful. Can the Hazards fit in to their new surroundings and why are they actually there?

Format: 104 x 11 mins

Audience: 7 - 14

Sports Animated 

A series of animated anecdotes from the sporting world brought to life through animation. The first episodes in development are entitled ‘At Home With Colin Murray’ where radio host Colin Murray interviews a series of sporting greats and is recalled with interesting tales from their sporting past. ALT have animated episodes involved snooker legend Jimmy White as well as Northern Irish footballing great Keith Gillespie.


The concept is currently being developed to allow the format and creative approach to be adapted for other content, such as anecdotes from the music world. The concept is flexible in that any recording could be brought to life to create a compelling suite of animations that have the potential to work across digital and broadcast platforms. 


Format: 90 secs

Audience: Adult


A group of decrepit superheroes living in a retirement home who are determined to try and recapture their glory days, but they are finding out that dealing with the iGeneration is far more of a challenge than any super villain they have faced.


Format: 3 x 4 mins

Audience: Adult

The Totes

A pencil case full of mathematical instruments come to life in an empty classroom and are able to solve problems and mishaps by working with the items they find in the room and their love of Maths. Aimed at early primary years children the show aims to take some of the fear out of Numeracy and Mathematics for this young audience. The Totes aims to demystify mathematical concepts in a friendly way making Maths more accessible and relatable to the audience.  


Format: 52 x 4 mins

Audience: 4 - 7

ALT Animation

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